Street Address:
212-2nd Avenue
Osler, Saskatchewan
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 129
Osler, Saskatchewan
Canada S0K 3A0
General Office:
Phone: 306-239-2133
Fax: 306-239-2279

Our Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Osler Mennonite Church
is to be a supportive community
in which people can meet God
through worship and fellowship.

We seek to teach
an Anabaptist understanding of scripture,
led by the Spirit to imitate Christ
in word and deed.

We strive to nurture faith and discipleship,
committing ourselves
individually and corporately
to respond to the needs of others.

(Adopted March 20, 1999)

Osler Mennonite Church:
A Welcoming Christian Community for Peace.

Welcoming -
This is definitely a pro-active word that strongly infers being inclusive. It also embraces the standards of hospitality, which is highly valued in the Bible. There are no "ifs" or "buts" implied; in other words, all are welcome to our church, and no one has to change to be like us before they receive our embracing hospitality. We are a “Welcoming” church and we desire to continue to be one.

Christian -
First and foremost, we hold dear the salvation message as understood through Christ. It also means that we seek to be followers of Christ (of the way of Jesus and his teachings). In addition, Christian denotes righteousness and justice, and the desire to share what we cherish with others. May we never forget who we are and what we stand for.

Community -
A community is a fellowship of people who nurture and encourage each other, where all are held up to the scrutiny of truth, and it suggests that a common bond exists—revealed in our desire to be followers of Christ. A community also is a place of safety, with the sense of home. We do community well.

Peace -
Peace signifies wholeness, and with that comes an outward flow. Wholeness is not an individual phenomenon; as we are not alone with God. Therefore, Peace mandates that we seek healing, hope, justice and wholeness in all of God's creation. We do Peace; we live God's redemption, which is creative and non-violent.

Statement of Faith

We, the Osler Mennonite Church, subscribe to the "Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective" which has been adopted by Mennonite Church Canada.

Conference Affiliation

The Osler Mennonite Church is a covenanting member of the Mennonite Church Saskatchewan (MC Sask), Mennonite Church Canada (MCCanada) and is committed to the fellowship and purpose of the Mennonite World Conference.

Church History

The Osler Mennonite Church had its beginning on March 24, 1928. The church was then called Zoar Gemeinde Zu Osler. On September 9, 1928 the church was dedicated by Elder David Toews. The Zoar Gemeinde Zu Osler became the Rosenorter Gemeinde Zu Osler in 1931.

Later, in 1954, it became the United Mennonite Church of Osler. On December 28, 1962 another name change took place when it was changed to Osler Mennonite Church, a part of the General Conference Mennonite Church. On October 10, 1996 the church was incorporated and adopted the legal name Osler Mennonite Church Inc. under which it is registered.

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